Make your own conclusion without paying attention to quotes

Grand tennis can be very unpredictable, so it is important to follow certain tactics to make successful tennis bets. A newcomer to the world of betting Parimatch can lose several start-up capitals until he learns how to analyze the game situation correctly. Because of the large number of different tournaments, bookmakers often give unreasonable quotes. This is what you should try to make money on. In today’s article we will tell you about the different stages in tennis competitions, as well as how to bet correctly on these events.


Categories of tournaments in tennis

The tennis season is divided into different championships, which are held in different countries and have their own individual names. Grand Slam tournaments are considered the most prestigious, where the best players in the sport are gathered. Here the odds are set adequately, as bettors and bookmakers know the form of each athlete, the motivation and the competition grid. But even here it is possible to make good tennis bets, which will bring money to the client of the BK. About this we will tell below. Of great interest are medium level championships: ITF, various Challengers. Very often such tournaments are attended by experienced tennis players, and bookmakers give odds without going into the sports form. Most of all there are ATP and WTA tournaments. The most expected for professional bettors is the qualification stage. Here a player from the top 30 can compete with a representative of the top 200. On this you can play, forming good coupons.

What to pay attention to when betting?

In order to make good bets, a detailed study of statistics will be required. The history of face-to-face meetings is of great importance. Since tennis is an individual sport, the principality of some encounters reaches great significance. The losing athlete in the upcoming meeting can show all his capabilities by having a great match. Bookmakers’ offices give odds for the match of equal opponents, based on face-to-face meetings. If a tennis player has lost a match before, the quotations for him increase greatly, due to which beginners make wrong assumptions about the prospect of a weak player.

Let’s analyze the most promising options:

  • The initial stage of the championship, where the favorite meets a weaker opponent.

The 1st and 2nd qualification rounds involve players from the top 200. The difference in the level of play is very large. You can just collect a basket with odds of 1.1 – 1.2. It does not make sense to take more. A large number of players play a doubling strategy at this stage: they collect a basket with a total odds of no more than 2 and bet a decent amount. Playing by this tactic can be up to 1/8, at most up to 1/4 of the final. In 1/32 there are very often real masters and outsiders, the outcome there is usually a foregone conclusion. This is one tactic that works at tournaments lower than the Grand Slam. At the 4 most important stages of the tennis season, this strategy works, but only until 1/16. “The Grand Slam is a prestigious tournament where everyone plays for rankings and money, so surprises often happen.

  • Falling quotes on one of the athletes

Fans of tennis betting Parimatch have probably noticed that before the competition the quotes on outsiders are heavily inflated, and then fall sharply. This is a sure sign that it is worth looking closely at such an event. Perhaps the bookmaker Parimatch miscalculated the quotations, and bettors make their own choice in favor of the outsider. To do this, it is necessary to read the news and be aware of all the events from the world of big tennis. The psychological state of top athletes fluctuates with the course of the season. No one can win every match. Betting on an outsider can be very promising when he shows a great game at intervals.

  • Bets on games

Bettors know that the leader of the ranking in the preliminary stage rarely loses many games per match. But there is one peculiarity: at the end of the year most top athletes get tired, which gives good chances to the outsider. It is not worth talking about winning, but impose their game a weak athlete can easily. In this situation, you can bet on the total of games. Where the game is played to 2 wins in sets, we choose “TB (19.5)” by games. We must not forget that at the stages of the Grand Slam played to 3 wins in sets (5-set matches).

  • Handicap

Prospective seems a bet – a handicap plus on the outsider. The weaker athlete can take a set and lose in just one set. This is an acceptable option, because the outsider often takes the first set from the favorite and gives away the subsequent ones. Regardless of the result, the user will win, except in the case of a dry defeat.

Experienced players advise to always switch to live mode as the competition progresses. If the bookmaker has inflated the odds, the next round will already be with low values. In the live broadcast quotes are much higher, so it makes sense to bet in the course of the match. Most professional bettors play it live, where you can see the form of athletes and prospects in the match.

Pros and cons

Strategies for different stages of tournaments are suitable for bettors who know how to react quickly to changes in the situation on the court. Approaches with bets on the initial round of tournaments are very good, because they have a high probability of winning. Making singles bets on the final matches is very risky because of the high cost of error. Athletes understand the importance of each game and give 100%. A weaker player can bring a surprise to a tennis betting amateur. Doubling up on low odds while playing the stages of a Grand Slam tournament is also a great solution. Of the pluses of the tactics of playing in the stages of tournaments can be noted:

  • The probability of winning a stronger opponent is very high. You can safely assemble a basket and hope for success.
  • A weak opponent can win because of the emotional component, so a high odds on a rookie is not a reason to write him off, but an opportunity to earn. Again, you have to look at the statistics, because you can’t follow this scheme without knowledge of the game. The strong wins more often, so the victory of the outsider is an exception to the rule.

From the minuses we should note:

  • The unpredictability of the game, as emotions can take over even a strong player.
  • Dependence on the calendar and face-to-face meetings.
  • It is necessary to spend a lot of time on the analysis of previous meetings.



Betting on the different stages of major tennis tournaments is a great way to understand the game and make money. No one promises that such strategies are win-win, but they can significantly reduce the amount of money lost. A beginner should approach this business responsibly and learn to analyze each game. An experienced Parimatch bookmaker player can apply the knowledge gained, earning good money. Finally, it is important to know what surface the tournament is played on: hard court, clay or grass, because every tennis betting player has different preferences in terms of courts.