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After registering a new account at BK PariMatch, identifying, logging in to the website and making a deposit, you can start betting. Let’s take a closer look at how to bet at BK PariMatch and examine the main nuances.



BK PariMatch is one of the leaders of the post-Soviet sports betting market. Dozens of sports disciplines, both popular and specific, interesting only for professionals, can be found here.

Betting at BK PariMatch is divided into two main sections – pre-match and in-play. Pre-match bets are bets which are placed sometime before the start of the sporting event. Usually the day before the match the bookmaker will put an extended line-up with elaborated odds. If you want to take a chance, you can bet as much as a week in advance, but anything can happen during the week.

Live bets are placed during the match, in real-time. Unlike the pre-match, the odds change very quickly depending on what is happening on the field. And it’s important not only to make the right bet, but also to get ahead of the bookies by placing a bet at the best odds.

Let’s have a look at the basic spreadsheet for a football match as an example. You can make the following bets in the main draw:

  •  Main outcome. In bookmaker offices and in analytical reviews this bet is referred to as 1X2 or P1 X P2. It is deciphered as follows: 1 – win of the first team, X – draw, 2 – win of the second team.
  •  Double chance. In the bookmaker’s office and reviews the bet is referred to as 1X, X2, 12. 1X is a bet on the second team to lose the match. The conditions are a win for the first team or a draw. X2 is a bet on whether the first team loses the match. This is possible with a win for the second team or a draw. 12 is a bet that the match will end in a win for one of the teams, but no draw.
  •  Both teams will score at least one goal in a match.
  •  Handicap. A bet is made on the condition that a clear favorite and a clear underdog take part in the match. A bet is placed on the first team (F1) or on the second team (F2). Handicaps can be positive or negative. A positive handicap is a bet on the victory of the underdog. For example, F2 (2) means the bet wins if the other team does not lose more than one goal. A negative handicap is a bet on a favorite’s victory. For example, F1 (-2) means the bet wins if the first team wins by at least three goals.
  •  Total. A bet on the approximate number of goals to be scored in a match. Can be more or less than the figure assigned by the bookmaker’s office. For example, the TM 2.5 – a bet that in the match will be scored no more than two goals, the TB 2.5 – that in the match will be scored at least three goals.

BK PariMatch also has a division into single and multiple bets. A single bet is made on a single outcome – for example, ТМ 3.5. The winning of the bet is determined very simply – the bet amount is multiplied by the value of the odd.

An express bet is a number of single bets combined into a single betting slip. A parlay is a bet on several outcomes of different matches. Betting on two outcomes of the same match is not permitted.

BK Parimatch - betting
BK PariMatch – betting on any sport

More details on how to place a single bet in BK PariMatch.


To place a single bet in BK PariMatch, you need to make just a few simple steps:

  •  Log in to the BK PariMatch website, make a deposit if necessary. It is assumed that you have already completed registration and full verification at BK PariMatch and TSUPIS.
  •  On the right side of the screen you can see the betting line. Choose a sports discipline – for example, football.
  •  Choose a country, where the match takes place.
  •  Choose a tournament and a match. The basic listings can be seen already in the line itself. It is handicap, average total and main outcome 1Х2. To see the advanced coverage, we click on the match.
  •  We look through the outcomes and odds and select the best option. Click on odds.
  •  The betting slip with the betting information appears on the right side of the screen. This is the bet of the “single” type. We go to the slip and specify the amount you want to bet. The system automatically calculates a possible winning. If you agree – press “Make bet”.
  •  We wait for the end of the match, calculation of bets and winnings accrual.

Having understood single bets, let us see how they are combined into a parlay.

BK Parimatch - betting on any sport
BK PariMatch – they play, you win!


A Parlay is a combination of several (usually three to five) single bets put together in one betting slip. When placing a single bet, the odds of the single bets are multiplied to get the parlay odds. One thing to remember – the more singles in a Parlay, the higher the probability of losing. If at least one outcome fails, the entire Parlay loses.


To place a Parlay in PariMatch BK, proceed as follows:

  1.  Log in to the website, deposit money if necessary.
  2. View the betting line on the left side of the screen and consequently select a sport discipline, country, tournament and match. Click on the match and enter the extended list.
  3.  Select an outcome and click to send it to the slip.
  4.  Now move on to the next match and repeat the whole process, starting with country selection. At the same time, do not touch the slip.
  5.  Select the next leg and click to send it to the coupon. If necessary, select one or two more outcomes.
  6.  Analyse the slip and look at the odds.
  7.  Specify the bet amount and click on the button “Make a bet”.
  8.  We wait for the end of the match and the calculation of bets.

If you are a fan of a certain team and you want to bet on it winning, bet on it. If the team wins, you win. If you are not serious about betting, you do not have to study strategies and tournaments.