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BK PariMatch is constantly improving its functionality in order to provide the player with the best possible experience.


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Making money from betting today is realistic if you know about sports events. PariMatch is a reliable betting site with consistent payouts. You can log in to BK PariMatch after a simple registration. The site is notable for its intuitive design, extended functionality and the availability of a mobile version. Let’s take a look at the main advantages of the personal cabinet and how to solve the problems encountered when logging in.

From now on you will only need to enter your username and password to log in. The Login button will also be in the top right corner.

If you download and install BK PariMatch, you will have to log in only once, and later you will have to click on the application logo.

The login is done by pressing the relevant key. Activation brings up fields where you have to enter your email address or phone number, and below that the password you created when you registered. Authorization does not differ significantly for users from different countries.

How to login to BK PariMatch

The website offers players the following facilities

  •  managing your bets;
  •  conducting financial transactions;
  •  receive news, get bonuses;5
  •  View tournament broadcasts;
  •  Communication with the technical support team.

When logging in to BK PariMatch, the user will see the main menu items. The developers of the company tried to make the navigation on the website comfortable so that every new customer could find his way to BK PariMatch sections and settings quickly.

Before logging in to BK PariMatch, you must first register. In the top right corner of the official page, there is a button marked “Registration” which will open a window with the questionnaire.

  •  The following fields have to be filled in:
  •  name and surname;
  •  date of birth
  •  mobile phone number or e-mail address;
  •  password.

After completing the fields, you need to confirm your intentions. To do so, enter the code from the SMS (if you chose to register by phone number) or by following the link in the email.

BK Parimatch is constantly improving
BK PariMatch – The game does not depend on a poor interface, but only on the user’s luck and knowledge

When logging in to BK PariMatch, the player can use a variety of functional offerings on the website.

Let’s list the main features:

  1. Betting. The list of sports disciplines will amaze the most demanding player; in addition, the user can bet on other events in the world of politics, show business and even bet on weather forecasts. Players may use both combined and standard bets: win, handicap, total and others.
  2. Deposits and withdrawals. BK PariMatch allows players to use several payment systems. Visa / Mastercard or e-Banking cards are available for users and the depositing amount starts from the minimum values. After successful verification the client can withdraw funds at any convenient time and in the shortest possible time.
  3. One of the most popular types of betting is considered live betting, because most events are covered live. Here the game focuses on the successes or failures of the teams. There are lower live bets, because in this mode it is much easier to predict the winner or result.
  4. Evaluating statistical data helps increase the chances of winning with proper analysis.
  5. Promotions and specials increase the chances of winning.
  6. If any problem arises, there are several ways to contact technical support and resolve the issue.


Possible login problems

Logging in to BK PariMatch may not happen the first time. What are the main reasons for login problems:

  1. When entering login (it is an email address or phone number) and password the keyboard layout language was not changed.
  2. The sequence of entering characters is broken.
  3. Customer lost or forgot login details.
  4. The prolonged absence of a player provokes a change of settings.

What to do? For the first two cases, the solution is provided in the simplest way – double-checking the combination and keyboard layout. The second and third problems force the player to contact support. They will identify the customer and provide access to the account. The exceptions are situations where access to the personal account has been obtained by fraudsters or the account has been deliberately blocked by the bookmaker for violating the terms of use. The main point is that you may not create a repeat account if you lose your details. Two profiles is a guarantee of account blocking by the bookmaker. It can only be resolved through technical support.

BK PariMatch is constantly improving the functionality, providing the player with maximum comfort. The game does not depend on a poor interface, but only on the user’s luck and knowledge.

BK Parimatch
BK PariMatch – Game, Luck and User Knowledge

How can I access the website if it is not accessible?

  1. Use a mirror, their list is constantly updated.
  2. Install BK PariMatch app for your mobile phone or PC.
  3. Change your IP to another country using a VPN.
  4. TOR browser which will change your location for the ISP.


How can I get around blocking the international version of the website?

The global restrictions did not affect the mobile version of the company. And for PC users, the administrators themselves distribute information on how to get to the bookmaker’s website. For example, to email. The solution is also a platform twin (mirror), which contains everything that is on the official site, but which has not yet fallen under the filter of the state services.