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Live betting on BK PariMatch and the reasons for its popularity

Live bets are bets placed in the course of an event while watching your favorite team or individual athlete play.


Live bets have quickly outpaced the popularity of pre-match betting thanks to the rapid development of modern technology and the wide accessibility of the internet. Every registered user who has registered on the website has access to live betting. By selecting this type of betting you can feel your own involvement in the event and immediately receive a calculation of the bets made.

Visitors to BK PariMatch can make live bets, in real-time. If earlier bettors had to visit ground offices of the company, now all the necessary actions are performed on the website. Newbies must first register by filling out the form in Russian. The form should contain your full name (as in a passport), date of birth, country code and mobile phone number, and a secure password. If you give wrong data, it is impossible to withdraw from BK PariMatch.

In order to place live bets, you must first make a deposit. Bettors can transfer funds from bank cards, mobile operators, e-wallets. The money is credited instantly. Newbies get a deposit bonus. When the preparatory stage is passed, you need to click on the name of the section “Live” at the top of the home page. In the centre of the screen you will see a box with a list of events, team names and odds.

Live sports betting on the BK PariMatch website and its features

In the BK PariMatch Live section, sports betting is done during the match. Users can see the events on which they can bet now. Clients of the bookmaker’s office, during the game, just choose the appropriate odds, open a coupon in an additional window, add an amount to it and confirm their own decision.

Visitors of BK PariMatch should take into account a dynamic betting line, due to which odds change rather quickly. When betting on sports, the events in a match or match should be watched very carefully, selecting new outcomes in real-time. It is easier to place a bet on the website using the 1-Click system. In the window in the centre of the screen you start the broadcast, and in the “Coupon” menu you enter the amount.

BK PariMatch: Live betting for professionals

When betting live at BK PariMatch, professional bettors use strategies to reduce risk and increase their chances of winning. When betting on sports, football matches are usually chosen, but there are also baseball betting fans. Every day, you should bet on at least one game at odds of 1.3.

Many BK PariMatch clients choose 1.1 odds to minimize their risk, but place three bets a day. The key to winning in Live mode is choosing the correct outcomes. Professionals bet on under 1.5 total during the end of the first half. By this moment the athletes do not force the events, is waiting for the break. The scheme is ideal for the championships in Russia, Greece, France, Romania, Albania and Portugal.

This strategy is not suited to teams who prefer an aggressive style. E.g. Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish, Belgian, Scottish, British and Danish championships. When placing live bets you should keep in mind the possibility of forcing a goal towards the end of the first half.

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The role of live betting on BK PariMatch

For the success of the live betting, which is made during the match, it is important to consider the predictions. They are made on the basis of news about the teams, players’ condition, the occurrence of scandals or other situations that can directly or indirectly influence the result. Another recommendation is to start a video feed on the PariMatch BK website and follow what is happening in the field of play closely.

Should you choose a defensive or aggressive betting strategy when betting in Live mode? Many professionals prefer the passive line, as bettors have more options under unfavourable circumstances. A live sports bet is made on the fact that the total will not be exceeded or the participants will not score at all. If a force-feeding goal occurs in the course of the contest, there is always a chance of selecting an additional outcome.

In a Live game, it must be remembered that if a goal is scored early in the game, the bookmaker may change the odds drastically. If a prediction is made beforehand, users have little time left to bet extra. With confidence in the favourite’s victory, even in the event of a bad start, it is possible to analyse the likely outcome. To do this, it is necessary to watch the match “live”. The initial low odds go up if the team fails.


Another popular variant of the Live game is to bet on goals at the end of a match. In this case, the players play without a centre of the play, aiming to get the ball into the opponent’s penalty box during the attack. This only happens when each of the two teams is aiming for an uncontested victory.

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General sports for live betting

Almost all modern sports are suitable for in-play betting. Naturally, most bettors still prefer to bet on football, hockey, basketball, volleyball and tennis, but eSports also offers plenty of action.